Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Find: Bark

Since apparently I am all about the tea towels these days I thought I'd share another amazing etsy shop with some awesome silk screened goodies! Behold - Bark! And their super adorable cat-a-lope towels:

You just can't go wrong when you mix kitties with mythical north american mammals! What fun! And if you aren't into cats you can always chose the ghost owl carrying a banjo (yes a banjo - how perfect) design or even the the bear riding a bicycle? Heck even if you aren't into dishes they've got loads of fun items to peruse! Further evidence that silk screening will have to become part of my new years resolution! What is your fav?


  1. Good, you will be already for the Christmas day dishes. Mom

  2. That's right! I can't do dishes because I'll be too busy holding the baby. Oh yeah, and the Skwish is her all-time favourite toy. It's even better than a cataloupe or banjo-playin' ghost owl (though not much better than the latter).