Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Oatmeal: Cat vs Internet

My wonderful sister shared this little web comic with me a few days ago and I loved it so much I thought I'd share it with all of you. It's called "Cat vs. Internet" (by the oatmeal) and is about one chubby little grey kitty's attempts at getting his owner's attention.

(I love this one. If my cat tried to convince me with pie charts I'd listen)

and finally...

Ok. So you really need to check out the site for the whole story but it is super cute! The oatmeal also taught me that squirrels purr! Talk about life changing knowledge! Use it wisely my friends...and enjoy the oatmeal's awesomenss while you're at it...


  1. Squirrels purr?? This is a very cute comic. I will be checking out this site on my lunch break for sure! :)

  2. if i liked cats...

  3. Oh, The Oatmeal. Great way to lose about three hours out of your day.

    I really liked the bit where the guy was checking out cat videos on youtube, while the cat was busy making youtube videos. That sort of stuff cracks me up.

  4. I'm wonderful!!!!!! Wooo!!!

    The Oatmeal rules, though this comic is way less crude than his usual hilarity.