Sunday, June 5, 2011

Faux Gold battle + Terrarium = love!

I am fairly certain this terrarium from yellow brick home is calling my name. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it ever since I came across it on pinterest and it has consumed all of my daydreams. Just take a peek:

Ahh! So awesome! It conveniently combines two tutorials I have written about in the past (yet never actually managed to get around to)! See? It's meant to be. I must make this project. It is a simple formula too:

1. Revisit paper n' stitch's faux gold dino DIY and make some shiny new friends

2. Buy some basic terrarium ingredients and follow my instructions from that blog post I did last year some time

3. Combine.

4. Enjoy! (and show off my lovely creation with everyone who is willing)

Yup. It's as simple as that. Now I just need to finally buy some of the supplies (I have the jar - that's the hardest part right?) and get making! What do you think? Care to join me?


  1. Another thing for craft night!!!

  2. Looks like a nice terrarium. I have made them in the past. I wonder if I still have the jar? Mom

  3. Make it a little gold steggie fighting (and ultimately triumphing over) a little gold triceratops, and I'll be ALL OVER THAT. Let's make one for Jean for her first birthday! Might as well keep the dino theme going, eh?

  4. How cute! I would have totally made one of these as a kid if I had the tutorial!