Wednesday, June 15, 2011


All the way back in February of 2010, my etsy pal Art Tales asked me to make up a little square ad for my shop so she could put it on her blog. I jumped on the opportunity and came up with this:

Not terrible for a first attempt if you ask me (since all of my photo editing up to this point involved MS Paint). It was simple, sort of science-y (since that is the underlying theme of my crafting after all), and cute! When I saw Leigh-Ann (of Freckled Nest) offer free advertising for the month of June to her readers I figured I should join in! After all, I am one of her readers (along with hundreds of other blogs I'm faithful to) and why pass up on the fun? Time for me to make a new square ad! Since I have long since sold out of the little love robot charms in my shop I figured it was time to freshen up my advertisement while still keeping the fundamental elements of my etsy shop and blog in check (being cuteness and science of course). This is what I came up with:

I tried to keep it pretty simple and eye catching and used my glassware illustration as a good representation of what I'm all about! Throw in some futura font words in there and bam! An ad was born! It is substantially easier this time after a year of playing with photoshop (hooray) and I am so pleased with how it turned out! Check out a screen shot of the ad on her blog:

Oooo! Do you see me there? Snuggled right between a picture of Leigh-Ann and Michelle's ad from Scissor Quirk? Eee! How exciting! What do you think? Does anyone out there pay for advertising? Do you think it is worth while?

Oh! And since we're on the topic of Freckled Nest and exciting things...I won her big May giveaway this past weekend! That's right - all of my hopefully entering to giveaways has finally paid off and I am absolutely thrilled! It is 9 different items from 9 amazing ladies!!! How lucky am I!? I'll probably be sharing more details about the prizes as they arrive (I am so stoked to be waiting for 9 parcels! You know I love my mail!) so stay tuned for more! Hooray!


  1. OH-EM-GEE! Those prizes look AMAZING!!! I wonder who is going to eventually be the recipient of the lullabies? :)And who might get the nail polish??? The tea pot is totally perfect for you, and the geeky panda thing is AWESOME. I'm so glad you won!

    Oh yeah, and your new ad is terrific. I love the little algorithm (science + cuteness = awesome). It would totally draw me in.

  2. It looks so great! You always have cute pictures. I'm hoping to work on some buttons for my blog soon. I'm still pretty new to photo editing and since I don't have photoshop it's hard to learn. All of the tutorials out there are for photoshop! Trust me...I've looked. ;)

  3. Oh man! Love it all enjoy your prizes.