Monday, June 6, 2011

ATC time!

I always love doing small crafty projects so when I heard Sarah of Atlantic Atlantis and Katie of Punk Projects were doing art trading card (ATC) swaps I was sure to sign up for the fun! I've done a few ATC swaps before with Amanada (Ulixis) and always had a blast so I figured why not do a few more! If you're unfamiliar with ATC's they are just little pieces of art work (in whatever medium you chose) that are standard 2.5" x 3.5"! Sounds easy enough right? I've only made a few ATCs for far (Oaky Dokey for Ulixis' fall themed swap and Pointilism Amanitas for her spring swap) but I'm really happy with how my two new cards turned out. Let's take a peek shall we?

ATC 1 - "root veg"

I made this guy out of some beige cardstock and coloured pencils (one of my favourite mediums from my youth!). I decided to draw a few of my favourite root veggies to go with Sarah's "grow" theme and tried to pick some in interesting warm colours! I really liked how the little roots of the veggies turned out. Now if only all the plants I grow were as happy as this bunch...What do you think? What's your favourite veg?

ATC 2 - "Tea for Two"

This card I made using a combination of goodies from my pen pal box of card making supplies. I tried to make this one specifically for my swap partner Crystal since there was no real theme to Katie's swap and I (of course) wanted Crystal to like the ATC I made for her! I started with some brown recycled cardstock (my go to paper for all of my scientific culture packaging) and then covered it with some washi tape I got in Vancouver. I used the news paper print tape because Crystal mentioned loving literature and reading and thought that sort of went with the theme. I then made the stripey table to add some texture and then made the tea pot and cups by putting the checkered tape over some Yellow Owl Workshop tea stamp prints. Finally I personalized it even further by adding some dark navy polka dots inside the pot and cups with pink sticker spotted hearts floating up from the tea cups! There are 6 hearts representing the 5.5 members in her family (one is on the way). Hooray!

Do you ever dabble in paper crafts? How about ATCs? What do you think of my creations?


  1. awesome!!! i particularly like the tea one!

    i definitely need to organize another swap soon... prob after i submit my thesis & defend. :)

  2. I loooove that tape! Where did you get it? I want some! Your root veggies are super cute, too. I like the radish/beet.

  3. I got the tape from DeSerres on Main Street! Conveniently located just down the block from Plush where I'm selling my goods!

  4. those root veg guys sure are cute! I'm thinking a theme may have arisen for a new button set??

  5. You are so clever! Your card are adorable.

  6. The cards both look great! I like Sarra's idea to use the veggies for the button set too ^_^ (the carrot is my favourite!)

  7. These turned out great! You are a great artist. I love making ATCs, too. I think art is so much more fun when it's tiny. :)

  8. Dieee for your ATCs! The little veggies are so sweet, such talent!

    Thank you so much for playing along ducky! ♥

    P.S. I just noticed you won Leigh-Ann's giveaway, AWESOME. Congrats!