Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Find: wee little stitches

Today's find is the most fantastic nostalgic cross stitch wonders of Wee Little Stitches! Your perfect opportunity to combine a relatively simple craft technique (if you have never cross stitched before, trust me, you can do this) and geeky characters to make a collection of fun handmade decoration for your home! Hooray! Let's take a peek at a few of my favourite pixel people (can you guess who they are?):

Ahahah! I love them! If 80's movies and Neil Patrick Harris aren't your thing then you can always go with some adorable wide set eye smile anthropomorphic cuties (another topic close to my heart):

Oh I just love them! Actually, I am really drawn to those salt and pepper shakers (if you didn't already know I have quite the collection) so I may need to make that one! Ah! So good! Heck you even get to avoid the awful postal strike going on in Canada right now since the patterns are just emailed to you after purchasing! Hurrah! Instant crafty purchasing! So go...check out Wee Little Stitches' Etsy shop, and then drool over their blog a bit....and then let me know which is your fav! Happy Friday!


  1. Ahhhhh, so awesome! It took me a while to get the Ferris Bueller, and I still don't know what the third one is. Love the sushi though! I am totally going to this shop! Dare I say this is the best Friday Find ever?

  2. I just saw this on pinterest but it was one from Big Bang Theory.

    The third one in Dr Horrible-its googleable.

  3. Oh my goodness- the Ferris Bueller cast! That is flippin' awesome- one of the best summertime movies! :)

  4. Oh god. This is one of the awesomest links you've ever posted. Ghostbusters? Ferris Bueller? DOCTOR HORRIBLE!?

    My vote out of those three goes to Ferris Bueller, simply because the characters were really captured. But I kind of want to buy the ghostbusters one for a friend, now.

  5. Checked the website. Kate, I'm very angry with you. How could you not post the image for FIREFLY!? I mean... FIREFLY!

    I need to learn how to cross stitch. ;)

  6. I knew this was the best Friday Find ever!

  7. OH my goodness. The sushi ones make me so so so so happy. So happy that I needed four "so"s. The salt and pepper shakers are adorable too, of course. Reminds me of Blues Clues. tehe.

  8. I wonder what I did wrong when I posted a comment the other day. You know I love cross stitch and have been doing it for eons. I have a few projects on the go right now. One will take many many hour so I and doing it in stages. I'll let you know when I am finished.

  9. Wee Little Stitches are OK but there are other shops that sell great cross stitch patterns, like PixelPower, for example. I think that PixelPower even better than WLS:

    - they have way more patterns (in fact, they have A LOT of patterns) and add a new pattern almost every day;
    - their patterns cost less money and they have amazing sales, like 3 patterns for 10$ or 5 patterns for 15$;
    - they have a Facebook group where they post a free pattern every week and giveaway some of their commercial patterns for free;
    - they make custom patterns in a day or two and if you can't find your favourite movie, tv show or music band in their shop you need just ask them to make it for you, everything will be ready in a couple of days, try to do the same with WLS, you'll be waiting for ages;
    - they are just super:-)

    Give them some love and visit their shop: Facebook: