Thursday, June 2, 2011


Similar to the post I did for my sister back on March 20th, I'm devoting today's blog post to my most wonderful Fraser who happens to be celebrating his 31st bday today! we're not actually celebrating much today (I work) but we will this weekend during our whirlwind trip to Vancouver to pick up his birthday present (our new bed! Hurrah!). Even though I've only known Fraser for 4 years I'm sure the last 31 have been memorable so let's celebrate them with 5 fun facts (that I have imagery to go with) about Fraser:

1) Fraser and I don't have any good pictures of us together. In fact - sneaking a picture of Fraser is a pretty hard task since we both apparently look ridiculous in pictures together. Back when we started dating I asked Fraser for a picture of himself and this is what he gave me:

I think that sums up Fraser's wonderfulness quite well. He's geeky (love the glasses), interesting, moody (just kidding...), and (best of all) not at all your typical 31 year old male! He also has the amazing ability to not look his age whatsoever! Go Fraser go!

2) Fraser is the most supportive guy a crafty girl could have! Amidst all my health struggles over the last few years Fraser is always there to offer a helping hand and make my life extra wonderful. Here he is sneakily helping me with my craft show set up:

What a guy! He loves all the crafts I make and is always positive and enthusiastic when it comes to shows! He even poses with mustaches for me (link)! Yay!

3) Fraser is an amazing artist:

Here are a few of his oil painting he did during his final year in the BFA program and he never fails to astonish me with his work! He's quite the accomplished artist too whether it be working on animations for teletoon or illustrating comic books! Woo hoo!

4) Fraser encourages my jewelry addiction:

Ok. So I really didn't have an awful lot of good pictures to show off all the amazing traits he has, but I assure you Fraser is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Unlike many males I have met, Fraser is beyond supportive of all of my retail purchases and even encourages many of my collections (you should see the ninja salt and pepper shakers he bought us!).

5) Fraser is a super fun travel companion!

After our cruise this past month, I've come to realize that I just love going places with Fraser! From trips to the grocery store to road trips to the coast he is always a blast to be around. He puts up with my singing (poor guy) and likes the same geeky destinations I do (like museums and art shows!). Hooray!

I hope you enjoyed my Fraser-y post I did today and I am definitely determined to try to get a few more pictures of us together! Happy Bday Fraser and happy Thursday to everyone else!


  1. I hope you got Fraser a pet velociraptor for his birthday, 'cause it sure looks like he's at home leaning on that skeleton :)

    I want to see more Fraser art. He should start a blog. Or do a show in Smithers. One of the two. Birthday happies!

  2. PS: He looks like Dad in that picture he gave you. Just saying...

  3. I love the pic of him at your craft show. He's so ninja-like! Happy Birthday, Fraser!

  4. Kate, you have done amazing justice to a great man. As someone who first met Fraser when I was 4 (he was 5), and who is arguably my oldest friend (despite the fact that I have seen him very few times in the past 13 years), I can attest to the unique-ness that is Fraser. All the best, Bill Hepburn

  5. This is so sweet! His painting are amazing! Very talented.

    We have the same necklace tree! Have we had this conversation before? :)