Tuesday, June 14, 2011


After a long weekend of fun socializing (and the inevitable realizing I'm too old for that much energy exertion) I decided to take a day to recuperate! I somehow managed to sleep in way past when I think "sleeping in" should involve (which is okay since I've been fighting off the flu for the last while) and once I got up and was rested I was ready to tackle the day!

Hooray for productivity right? Well...wrong. Instead I spent the afternoon/evening inside cleaning and all my other plans were damped (literally) by a day long rain storm! Why is it that my days off always have bad weather? Oh well - it did end with a wonderful rainbow! Check out the view from our front yard:

Isn't it brilliant? I love how eerie the streets looked with the super dark rain clouds and bright sun off the houses. I was much too close to the rainbow to get it all on one picture, but you can see some of the outer double rainbow action in there too! How nice!

I spent the rest of the evening planning out a whole slew of fun craft projects to prepare me for the craft show season (I'm hoping to get into the Artisan's Square show this summer at the farmer's market in town)! I figure I'll pump myself up with a bunch of small, fun, lower and mid priced items to really stock up my table and then work on some of the more tedious (and what I usually find kind of annoying when I'm pressured) projects later on when there is less stress to make them! Sounds like a plan right? Oh - and not to worry - I'll be sure to show you my crafts as I get working on them. What do you think I should work on for the farmer's market craft scene this year? Do you think I'll get in? Anyone else do busy weekly shows out there with tips for me? Hmm...I better get to work...


  1. That rainbow is so pretty!

    I think you will definitely get into the market. Your crafts are great! You should make lots of the brooches. I love those! I want to try to get into a weekly market but I think I'll wait until next year. I'm still so new. I am going to work all summer to prepare for some holiday shows I want to apply for and then hopefully I'll have a good inventory to go out and sell weekly. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see all of your projects as you finish them. :)

  2. I think you will do great at the craft show! I am also hoping for good weather when it is on.

  3. I am also feeling to old the the festivities that went on... Hahaha

  4. You are too old. You're practically 30, and as someone who is actually 30, I can assuredly tell you that's over the hill!

    I think you will do great at the Farmer's Market, and that you should develop some 100-Mile Diet, locally grown, organic pin-backed buttons or something like that. Or see if you can get your designs printed on reusable canvas shopping bags. I'd buy a million of those.

    Can't wait to see what your new crafts are!

  5. Umm, I thought you were just in. You are the best crafter in town.