Thursday, June 9, 2011

Slowly Updating...

I've been telling myself to do an overhaul on my etsy shop but am struggling to get around to it. Life just seems to get busier and busier and my to do lists grow exponentially! Ack! I really want to redo the pictures on my listings since they are a little stale and I really think a fresh look would do wonders for them! In fact, the other day I watched an hour long etsy success photography workshop video and it inspired me to get snappy (haha...terrible pun) on my image updates! Hooray! I thought I'd start small and redo one image I've never been pleased with. Behold - the before:

Ick! All I really wanted to convey in this picture is that I package all my pinback buttons and magnets in little folded cards with a ciliated bacillus saying your own custom message (or "enjoy" if you don't specify). It did the job, but I could never really manage to get the colour just right and since I've switched over to all recycled card stock now it is best to update it right? Well...behold - the after:

Ah! So much better! It is no longer an over-saturated mess and instead is a nice clean shot of the packaging! I also showed how I wrap the button cards in tissue paper and throw in one of my mini moo bookmark/gift tags too! I also thought I'd try to show a little bit of me in there since 1) the workshop video recommended it, 2) I do painstakingly hand package each purchase with love and care, and 3) it reinforces the whole "handmade" quality of my illustrated products! OoO! Much more appealing don't you think?

Oh! Before I forget I'd love to show you one more updated listing I've added - a bulk button buying bargain (yes, that is quite the alliteration):

Now you get the fun option to save a few dollars when you get multiple button sets! Hooray!


  1. Snapping, hehehe :)

    Those pictures do look way better. I'm totally a lay-person when it comes to stuff like that, but it is so clear to see when you point it out. Good call on the overhaul - it's like spring cleaning for your shop!

    So, when are you going to have another come-up-with-ideas-for-buttons contest? I've got some good ones brewing - like avocado!

  2. Way to go! These little projects are the hardest sometimes- because there is no "real" deadline... I can put them off for forEVER!

  3. Looking good! ( Short but to the point.)

  4. I like the white! and blue! and Greece!