Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get ready!

Is it just me or does time seem to fly by ridiculously quickly? Summer is here (although with all the rain storms it has been hard to tell) and that means the summer craft market is about to start! Woo! With no Bizarre Bazaar to partake in this year I've signed up for the Artistan's Square Market which is conveniently just around the corner (sort of) from the Kamloops Farmer's Market! Hooray! Here's the poster:

That's right folks, get your spending cash ready because I'll be peddling my wares this Saturday downtown! I even bought a tent this year (exciting I know) so hopefully all my last minute preparations will all come in line for a fantastic turnout and a wonderfully awesome first time at the market! Look for me and a display that looks something like this:

Ok, so that was last year's biz baz set up, but I will keep the same basic design (neutral backdrop, attempted multiple levels of items, and colour popping items)! And speaking of goods...here's a little (slightly outdated) montage of the sorts of items I will be selling:

Hurrah! I hope you are getting as excited as I am and I really hope anyone in the area will stop by and say hello! I even have a few "thanks for reading my blog and being awesome" goodies for blog readers so when you come by be sure to mention that and get your freebie (while supplies last...)! Yeah! Ok...now back to work crafting up a storm. See you Saturday!


  1. Lovely montage! Can't wait to see you at the Square. I hope it's really lucrative!

  2. Would love to if I were on the right continenet let alone in the right country. I'm sure it'll be really good and here's to hoping you make lots of lovely sales. Your post just caught my eye as I live in an 'Artisan Square' and got all excited about a market here! (You could always hop over to London and set it up here...!!)

  3. Oh dear, I am going to miss it as we are going to the lake on Friday. Neal and some of his track team members are going to a track meet in Kelowna and they need a place to sleep on friday night. They will be in the bunky so we have to be there for them. I hope it goes well for you and I will be thinking of you.