Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thrifty Thursday...on a Sunday

This past Thursday the stars aligned and somehow (seriously, it was quite the anomaly) a bunch of the girls from work and I all managed to have the same day off! Finally we had the chance to do all those things we always talk about doing "one day"! Hooray!

We met up bright and early and started the day off with some vintage cabochon stud buying. Ok, so I felt a little like a peddler selling my wares out of a Tupperware container at a coffee shop, but they had asked me to bring them to look at and I did offer them a wicked "you're my friends so I won't charge you full price" deal! My tub o' earrings dwindled a bit as my wallet grew and when we were all done we were ready to hit the town! First stop - thrift shopping! We started out at my favourite thrifty destination and after some wicked wheeling and dealing we went downtown to continue with the thrifty goodness! Look how excited everyone is:

Next it was off to lunch! Post-food we did some lovely loose leaf tea shopping and a quick trip to the mall! Oh my! The day was jam packed with wonderful moments, great finds, and loads of laughs. Clearly we need to arrange more of these joint days off things more often!

Now for the fun part - showing off my sweet finds! The best buy of the day award definitely goes to Alanna the proud new owner of a $1 faux wood tin porta file:

Ahahaha. It is so much fun going to thrift stores with piles of girls. Sure you may miss out on a few items (no, I don't really have a use for the porta file, but I do think it is hilarious), but you see so many more great things than when you go alone! If you think shopping with one set of eyes is effective you should try seven. Just when you think you've seen every last pre-loved gem in a shop, someone points out something that you clearly need to make your life complete. Ok, perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but it was a very, very fun day. Okay - now onto my finds (in list form too!):

1) Mason Jars!

Second hand stores proved to be a great (and supremely cheap) source for glass jars! They had loads of different shapes and sizes of mason jars perfect for a whole assortment of crafts I've been dreaming about! I got a nice thin tall one to use as a flower vase, a neat mid sized jar with an awesome glass lid (which I've never seen before...and don't really have any plans for...I just liked the lid), and three short squat jars I'm hoping to use as indoor herb planters! Sounds fun hey?

2) Pyrex number two!

My minute collection of pyrex is growing with my second cute find! It is the exact same size and shape as my first piece (the orange wheat one) too! How handy!

3) Glass Jar!!!

Yes, I am so excited about this find that it deserves three (yes three) exclamation marks! This baby cost me a mere $2 is will be perfect for a project I have planned...any guesses?

4) Old lady clip on earrings!

Another perk of thrift shopping with friends? They tell you when that long white pleated skirt you tried is both hideous and unflattering. Apparently I have a keen eye for picking out the most granny chic (or in many cases not chic at all) pieces and these earrings were no exception! They called to me like a shiny gold and silver beacon and I just had to have them! Unlike many of the old lady items I tried on and got talked out of, these babies can be a subtle addition to my wardrobe. Good call girls. Also the fact that they are clip on is sort of exciting since they won't stretch out my earring holes and are surprisingly comfortable to wear! What a buy!

I also picked up some super delicious teas and a few cleavage concealing bandeaus which I didn't include in the thrifted purchases list since buying consumable goods and undies from second hand stores is pretty gross. So what do you think? Do you ever try shopping with mobs of females? Anyone else have any fun thrift shopping stories to share? How do you like my finds?


  1. I am guessing terrarium as well! ^_^

  2. Terrarium all around. It seems pretty obvious! Maybe you'll have to make it into something else so that you can prove us all wrong! Can't wait to see the gold spray painted dinos!

    Nice finds, though I hate thrift shopping and will never do it myself. The smell of thrift stores makes me gag. It's like desperation and poverty combined with mildew. Gross. I'm not too proud to want cheap used stuff, but I do hates me the smell :( I'm not a fan of garage sales either, since I never really like anything, and I feel like I'm invading people's privacy when I turn my nose up at all their junk. I'm probably missing out on some rad finds, but it makes me too uncomfortable. It's like being the only patron in a small store and being watched by the person who works there.

    Shopping with a group of gals is great though.

  3. HAHAHA omg Leslie's comment is great! I had a blast thrifting though!!!