Thursday, June 23, 2011

Polymer Clay Carving Train!

Back in April I decided to (finally) get around to one of the tutorials I'd been swooning over and made myself a carved polymer clay geometric shape necklace:

I was thrilled with the result, made a bunch (one of which I gave to my crafty peeps swap partner RobbieLee), and wear them all the time! In fact, I'm even planning on hosting a craft night with some of the fine ladies from work so we can all make some polymer clay pendants! What fun! But ever since my crafty efforts I've been seeing carved clay projects pop up all over the internet! Just check out the lovely selection of necklaces from Aesthetic Outburst:

Or how about the faceted magnets from the Creature Comfort's blog:

I just love the gradation of colour on those magnets! And the upper left necklace (the one mixed in with a swirly yellow bead) is the absolute ultimate! I'm not sure if you've hoped on the carved clay crafty trend train yet - but I certainly recommend it! Sculpy is a great craft project medium since it is relatively inexpensive (especially with coupons), it's ultra easy to use (it totally doesn't dry out like other clays), and if you don't like what you come up with you can just smash it and try again! Hooray! Now to get myself organized and plan a date for that craft night...who's in?


  1. Now these are some geometric jewels I can get behind! I love all the stuff by Aesthetic Outburt, and now I want to give it a try myself. You're 100% right about the necklace with the yellow. Swoon!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the unique shapes!

  3. Neat. Good luck with your craft night. Mom

  4. Wow! Great DIY! I gotta try this!
    Love your blog!

  5. Bookmarking that tutorial. I look forward to mindless polyclay stress relief for when I start my new job. :)