Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ninja Sunday!

This past Friday I took Jim on a ninja mission. I grabbed a knife and a tupperware container and we snuck out to the back alley to perform top secret ninja tasks and returned with a full container of awesomeness. Confused? Not to worry - I'll spill the details of our ninja ways later when the project is complete. For now let's appreciate the wonderfulness of ninjas with a ninja post! Hooray!

First on the Ninja Sunday agenda? This amazing quote Velma posted on Pinterest:

Hehe! Second up - ninja octopus cufflinks from Egyptian Ruin's Etsy shop:

Yup - pretty adorable and random. Not sure what octopi only have 4 stumpy legs...but apparently they are ninjas...

Finally we've got the super fun ninja printables from Zakka Life's blog:

Isn't he cute and sneaky? They've got a whole selection of freebie ninjas to print and top (well...side?) your baking goods! Man those ninjas are popping up everywhere! Happy Ninja Sunday to you! What ninja things have you done lately?


  1. Hee hee! Love this post - especially the sneaky ninja on the side of your cupcakes (which incidentally look pretty tasty...mmm)

    I only discovered Pinterest a few days ago and am now already addicted to it. Great for storing up ideas for future craft projects etc. Will have to see if I can find you there :-)

  2. How cute are those little guys! Very cute if you ask me.

  3. Did your sneaky ninja mission involve lilacs? I ask only because I've been planning a sneaky ninja lilac stealing mission myself...

  4. Only a ninja can blog about another ninja....

  5. Katie IS a ninja. The shuriken to the face for leaving the seat up is pretty rough though...


  6. I'm intrigued! I love the little ninjas, they are adorable!