Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A post for Wendy.

Do you ever see a project and think, "that would be perfect for (insert friend's name)"? Well I certainly have that feeling often (usually for Lindsay and Sarra who I can just tag on Pinterest), and this next project is just perfect for my friend Wendy. She is one of the handiest (and nicest) people out there and is always coming up with unique and interesting uses for ordinary items! What's that? You're throwing out perfectly good wooden pallets? Why I'll take those and make them into a whole range of neat projects like they did at Organic Authority! How about a new dining room table, floor boards, china display, coffee table, or bed? Just take a peek:

Oh my! The possibilities are endless! Time to get your upcycling thinking caps on and get creating! Oh and just in case you needed a few more items on your new home "to do" list, I hope you enjoyed some inspiration for any wooden pallets you save from the dump! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the china display! I totally need one of those things. And to think that most people use old pallets for redneck bonfires! What a waste! Oh, and I remember Dad saying that when they picked up all their kitchen stuff from Ikea, they wouldn't let them keep the pallets because the store reuses them. That was annoying for Dad because they had to unload everything off the pallets and into the truck, instead of just putting the pallet on the truck, meaning that all the heavy stuff would be unloaded last, putting it on the top of the pile unless they put everything on the ground first... ugh!

    I think Wendy is disciplined enough to finish all these projects, too (unlike me, who starts a million projects then leaves them to clutter my space for years).

  2. I know it wasn't really featured in the post but I really like the bird art on the wall that appears to be made out of some kind of landscape photo!

  3. I don't have room in my house for those projects but I am sure I know where I could find some pallets. Maybe something for the patio?