Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All that Glitters is Gold...Dinosaurs?

This past weekend was wonderful.  My wonderful best bud Lindsay decided to schedule a last minute trip to visit and I got to have three solid days with my female soul mate! We finally got a chance to catch up, we explored the shopping highlights of Victoria, and even got a good start on our xmas shopping! I discovered the absolute joys of the Oak Bay Pharmasave (don't know it 'til you've tried it - it is a one stop shop of amazingness) and can't wait to go back when they've finished putting out their huge order of stock that was had blocked off what looked like the best isle! Woo! We also did a mandatory stop at the Milkman's Daughter and their glittery t-rex was back on display:

Hooray! I saw him ages ago with Cindy and when I went back to photograph him to share on the blog he was gone. Apparently his anti-camouflage sparkly-ness didn't cause him to become extinct, he just had a little bought of hibernation.  Isn't he darling? I may have purchased a big plastic stegosaurus a few week backs to glitter up but haven't been able to find the spray paint Fraser put away somewhere in the (disastrously cluttered) craft room. Alas - that one will remain on the back burner until December....

Best of all - amidst all the site seeing, eating, shopping, and catching up I got to have some  great "how the heck am I going to fix my life" discussions with Linds and I've got one heck of a solid plan to try out!  It is so wonderful to have a second opinion on all of life's little problems and Lindsay is so great at coming up with workable goals to aim for! Yay! Here's to better health and sanity! I'll be sure to let you all know how I do on my life to do list...


  1. It's too bad that painting yourself in gold glitter only works for fixing dinosaur's lives. True story!

  2. I think you have to BE gold, not just be painted. I hope your book and lists and boxes help. Maybe I should move to LA and be a life coach guru...THEN I could be bronze at least. That didn't make sense. Thanks for having me and visiting and making it so hard to leave...

  3. What's better than a gold dinosaur? Nothing!