Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holly Frolic

My pal Tara messaged me a while back about using my little cilliated bacillus drawing to spruce up her biology society holiday party tickets! I've been friends with Tara for years now and figure a little festive smiling support would be great for McMasters! Isn't he darling in a santa hat?

Yay! Thanks for sending me the finished product Tara! It has definitely got me in the holiday spirit and since my roommate Jim put up the xmas lights last night (which, by the way is totally out of character for grumpy Jim since he's usually a grinch), I am ready to get the festiveness under way! Perhaps I will even manage to get the majority of my holiday shopping done nice and early this year while I'm at it! Fraser and I are having a quiet xmas alone so I will have to be somewhat organized so those parcels are in the mail early enough! Hooray! How is your holiday planning coming along? Any exciting post-thanksgiving plans for my pals to the south? 


  1. So cute! I also love the name "holly frolic"! ^_^

  2. very cute- love the tickets =)

  3. I'm getting ready to wrap and mail presents - mighty early since I could have a baby any day now! I just don't know what to get for my sister... Or my Mom... I've got lots for Dad though!