Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Find: Pouch

Today's find comes from the extra wonderful UK and is full of amazing handmade homewares made from a combination of vintage and new materials.  I am particularly drawn to the adorable (and useful) lavender rabbits - just look at these darlings in teal:


Aren't they cute? I've always been fond of lavender sachets and I think one of these hanging in my closet would be the perfect way to freshen up my clothes and repel any pests too! It would even be neat to keep one tucked away in my undie drawer so when I get dressed in the morning a little happy bun bun could great me on my way! Hooray! Everything is truly better from the UK isn't it? 


  1. These remind me a lot of Totoro. Very cute!

  2. I was thinking totoro too! Everything is better from the UK.

  3. They're so cute! I love the idea of lavender rabbits ^_^