Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Avocado Love!

There's nothing quite like reading through my blog roll and seeing a picture of my very own creations! Lesley Jean from Yessiree Petunia (one of my favourite vintage etsy shops I gabbed about here) bought an avocado brooch from me a while back and was a dear to write a post featuring my shop on her blog (link)! She even included a snap shot of her sporting my handmade smiling pal and he couldn't look sharper on that mustard scarf:


Oh Lesley - you've made my day! I am always so thrilled to hear about happy customers and am even more excited to see my craftiness in action! Thanks for the feature and great picture Lesley! You rock! 


  1. That avocado brooch looks even cuter when he's being worn by someone!

  2. That brooch looks perfect on that lovely mustard scarf! ^_^

  3. i just love that avocado! and he is just perfect on that scarf! can i have both, the scarf and mr avocado please?!