Sunday, November 4, 2012

Earthy Knits

Happy Sunday! It is a rainy chilly day here in Victoria (okay, so it is actually pretty mild and about 10 C) but it is the perfect season for knits! With colder weather looming as November progresses I am certainly happy to own these:

As it happens I took these pictures quite a while ago and really went crazy over the earth tone knit close ups! I just love the textures, hints of colours, and neat stitches!  Any guesses on what they are? 

No? How about from this image:

Yay! Aren't they lovely? Fraser's Mom Susan was the wonderful creator of my new wrist warmers and I couldn't be more pleased with them! They're super handy for fall and are perfect for activities requiring a little finger dexterity (like when I'm driving, blogging, or texting/playing with my phone)! How handy! Thumbs up for knits:

Hooray! Thanks Susan for the wonderful homemade knit warmers! Anyone else out there a wrist warmer fan? If not - if you make some to give a try you'll never go back...believe me...


  1. So pretty! :) I love the shade of this yarn.

  2. They look lovely! I do enjoy a good pair of mitts, but I have not progressed to the stage where I can actually make proper thumb holes ~_^ The close-up photos you took look great too! The first one is my favourite - so many pretty colours ^_^

  3. LOVE these!!!! She did a great job!!!!!

  4. These look great! I think I want to make a pair just like them (as soon as I'm done with the pair I'm working on now.) They're addicting!