Thursday, November 1, 2012

November/Movember time!

Well it's finally come to that time in the year when the weather keeps getting chillier and men all over try desperately to grow impressive mustaches! Sophisticat has no problems growing one hefty handlebar so naturally he is featured on this month's free printable calendar (link)! Check it out:

 you can download me here!

Hooray! Like each month you are free to print this puppy out and can turn it into your own desktop/countertop stand up using an old cd jewel case and this tutorial (link). Yay! I used the My Memories software to whip this baby up and really getting the hang of it after six months of calendar making. Since the My Memories people were nice enough to sponsor me, I've even got a discount code on the side bar there if you're interested in trying out their great (and very reasonably priced) software (link) too.  Yay!

As for plans for this month I am finishing up my health class at the Arthritis Center and am aiming for one extra healthy Kate as we head into the holiday season! Hopefully I'll have some spare time in there for a little crafting and etsy shop updates too! How thrilling! Heck, maybe I will even manage to get all my xmas shopping done early this month as well! What a dream! What are your November plans? 

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  1. My November plans are to finish my teaching practicum with flying colors and to not grow a mustache.