Monday, November 26, 2012

Need More Cheer

Every week Hetty and I try to spend a morning together to go for a swim, catch up, and run whatever errands we'd like company for! So far the hang outs have been extra successful but this past weekend it started with confusion. While we were kicking away during aquafit Heather asked me what was upsetting me because apparently I sent her a text telling her we needed to go downtown to help cheer me up. Why yes - trips downtown are very pleasant but I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I would have sent her that message and why I couldn't even remember doing so. What the heck!? How odd.

After finishing the swim, showering off the chlorine, and getting spiffed up for our outing we headed to the heart of the city for some fun browsing and tea. We also needed to make a stop at Escents Aromatherapy (link) because I was out of my current favourite scent:

Cheer! It's the perfect autumn and pre-xmas subtle smell to fill the house with and I've been loving coming home to that perfect mix of benzoin and orange! It also became abundantly clear that this was the "cheer" I texted Hetty about it had nothing at all to do with being upset. Haha. How silly. We then had to explain our realization to the poor uninterested Escents woman and apparently now you have to hear about it in this blog post too! Note to self - stop thinking people know what you're talking about when you reference Escents oils by name. Alas. I refilled my ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser and have been enjoying my new bottle of cheer all day:

Mmmm! Perfection! I also picked up a fresh bottle of "Christmas Joy" but am leaving that one sealed until my tree is up.  I also found out from Hetty that the girls at work think I am obsessed with xmas and although I am a fan of some seasonal festiveness, I am a little curious if that has something to do with all the "Christmas Joy" I've been raving about...

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  1. Oh man, Christmas Joy is one of my favourite scents too. I always stock up after the holidays.