Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meet Earl II

A few weeks ago I was rearranging some lamps in the living room (since I received a lovely metal 80's ikea lamp to match the other I got as a hand me down from my Aunt), and finally pulled my new pal earl (the second - as we already have a felt earl the squirrel hanging up) to enjoy! He is quite the little scamp and full of dreamy white ceramic detail:

Oh do I ever enjoy myself some non-living forest creature pets on the house! Earl II is especially darling with his little tray of acorns:

Hehe! In fact, Earl II is actually decorative, friendly, and fun - since he came as a stacking game to see how many acorns you can pile on before they topple over:

...and trust me..there are a ton of acorns...

I've actually got an Earl sized box of the extra acorns hiding in one of my wicker cubbies just in case someone is feeling like taking on some stacking but I'm happy to enjoy him as a very quiet decorative pet instead! Hooray! Welcome to the woodland themed house Earl II! Nice to have you! 


  1. I mostly enjoy seeing how pleased he is with his big platter of acorns. :)

  2. Love him! what a cute game idea too!

  3. That looks like fun and he is super cute too! ^_^

  4. He's so cute! Sounds like a fun party game.

  5. What about the lamp that I'm always terrified of smashing