Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Saturday Earrings

So a few Saturdays ago (ok, more like 7) I shared one of my favourite super easy craft projects.  Once you've gathered supplies it takes all of 30 seconds and leaves you with one gorgeous handmade pair of beaded earrings (link)! Hooray! Well apparently my earring making wasn't out of my system yet since I ended up getting more beads and wires and whipping these babies up:

Ahha! Totally different that my original pair right? I mean look now not the same they are:

Yeah! Those beads are way greener and smaller than my original pair and the hoops have doubled in size! Wowee! Okay, okay...they are essentially the same earrings...but they do have a different feel to them! This time I even limited my overzealous earring making and only ended up with two pairs! Go me! 

Hooray! Teal and Green! I'm so wild! What will I come up with next? 


  1. There is a saying about hoops and women.
    Do you know?
    The bigger the hoop,
    The bigger the ...
    Well, you know...
    Love them!

  2. They with be the perfect modern addition to all your lovely vintage dresses. : )

  3. They look great! I like the green ones ^_^