Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I am such a sucker for cute.  Fraser has even fully embraced my cuteness addiction and sends me cute animal pictures each morning while he is away.  I even find myself surfing the internet for cute kitty pictures and sit there giggling at all the adorable fluffy kitties! Oh my! I find myself constantly surrounding myself with cuteness and think one of these iCat earphone jack covers would take me to the next level. Just take a peek:
Eee! Boy are those ever cute! Too bad I doubt they'd fit on my phone with its case on (which is totally necessary for how clumsy I am) but if you're interested in them you can pick them up here (link). I'm not totally sold on the $23 price tag on these - but they are certainly entertaining. Under closer inspection I'm not sure I'd want one of those kitties near the bottom with their little fuzzy balls showing...which...is atomically accurate I suppose but nothing I'd like to see on a daily basis.  I'll stick to swooning over the first three kitties for now! What do you think? Are you a fan of cute? 


  1. They are adorable! Specially love the little calico one, but for $23, I think I'll have to admire from afar.

  2. If they would fit on your phone you would definitely be getting some of these for Christmas!

  3. Aaw they are super cute!


  4. I can't deal with cat photos. I even wrote a post about my dislike for the frequency they appear on my favourite blogs. http://nicolescoffeeshop.blogspot.ca/2012/05/plea-to-cat-lady-bloggers.html

    But, even so, I think these little guys and their little balls are hilarious and pretty cute. I might have to go for a different animal if I were to get one, though, just so I can hold up my end of the cat-hating deal. ;)

    1. Haha - oh Nicole, I am sure there are loads of people out there in the anti-cat-boat, but little puppies with balls would be similarly cute/fuzzy/disturbing.

  5. I love them!!! and am stuck in the ozone again!! Can't access my web sites oh, well one day computer girl or boy will come and save me. Until then I will miss you. Grandpa bought a new car. it is a Honda (green) that look like our escape. It is cold in the basement so I an going yo higher ground.

  6. They are adorable! I just wish the price was a little more reasonable on them. I bet you could make one with some Fimo clay and an inexpensive set of headphones...

  7. I wonder if the balls are optional? I didn't notice they were there until I read further lol Still very (pricey) cute