Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dumb Ways To Die

Happy Sunday! Today I've brought you a very cute and catchy video! Take a peek:

Did I mention how disturbing and odd it is? No? is one weird video...but then again I'm not about to dip my privates into piraƱa infested waters either. Yay! Adorable life lessons! Which is your favourite dumb way to die? 


  1. Well, "set fire to your hair" was the least disturbing to me. So odd and cute. And creepy.

  2. i love the brits. this would advert would never happen here...I want to be british...

  3. Aww, it's so cute and disturbing! Love it ^_^

  4. The serial killer. Love it.

    I'm so glad someone else has seen it! I have been trying to talk to people about it but I get blank expressions.

    People doing stupid things around trains are one of my pet peeves. SUCH STUPIDITY!!