Wednesday, August 3, 2011

artisan's market - vol. III

I've been so excited and inspired with my blog redesign that I had almost forgotten to tell you all about my third week of selling at the Artisan's Market! It's better late than never right? After a few weeks of non-summery stormy rainy weather the beautiful cloudless sunny day I woke up to on Saturday was a nice surprise. Gaglardi Square (the location of the market) really seemed to benefit from all that wetness too because the garden was super lush and wonderful! Take a peek:

Boy do I ever wish I had the time/money/skill to make such a wonderful garden. Just look at the rows of huge flowers:

Okay, so the gorgeous day might have had something to do with how lovely the square was looking, but it truly is worth a stop if you have the means. As for my booth, this week I was located right by the entrance. I have been really pleased with how the set up has been working so I didn't do any changes to the layout. I really enjoyed how much my items popped in the sun too:

One thing I did decide to change up this week was my footwear. At the last market I wore some little black mary jane flats that (although adorable and darling to look at) are not the most supportive footwear for 6 solid hours on your feet. My sad old lady joints definitely approve of the $14 joe fresh canvas lace ups I bought a few weeks back during one of Superstore's "no tax" sales:

I really love the summery colour they are and I certainly can't pass up a deal! After suffering from the backlash of kidney stones and a hospital visit I went for the lazy "what's on top of the clean laundry pile" look with a plain white t-shirt and some $7 capris I got on the Smart Set sale rack (I told you I like bargains):

Throw in some staple Kate accessories (my leather fossil watch, homemade polymer clay geometric painted pendant, and gold cube "happy common law" earrings) and there is one last minute outfit! I was super comfortable though and the shoes were nice and supportive on the rock hard dirt patch I was standing on all morning.

Although the sales weren't as awesome as last week (but still better than my first show), I was pretty pleased with how the day went. I did have a few battles with the wind - which is a common flaw in outdoor markets for me and my table of light weight goods. The cabochon stud earrings and rings continue to be a crowd favourite and I love all the wonderful comments and feedback I get on my wares! The glass tile pendants and rings still haven't been a big hit (which is a shame since I think they are so awesome) but maybe next week will be a little more lucrative. My embroidered coffee sleeves were a hit once again meaning I have the painful dilemma of whether or not I should remake more for my next show. Sure they sell well, showcase my stitching skills, are useful and interesting - but they are such a time consuming pain in the butt to make! Hmm...what do you think? Should I suck it up and remake some? Luckily I've got a little while to decide since I'm off this weekend and am back at the market the next two weekends after that! Then time for me to frantically pack up everything and move to the coast! Whew! Now to fit in a little more summertime crafting while I still can! What do you think I should work on?


  1. if the coffee sleeves sell well, then make more - if they take a long time to make, up the price! :)

  2. Dude, I can't believe you think those flat canvas shoes are supportive. You should try actual runners sometime! Or Clarks. Clarks are amazingly cushy. Also, I like your white t-shirt and capris look more than your stripy '80s dress. This look is a lot more flattering.

    As for crafty stuff, I'd say do what feels right, but if they're a big seller, probably go for it, since selling stuff feels good.