Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dishes or Laundry?

When Fraser and his parents went to Victoria looking for a place for us to live I had one request - please find us somewhere with a bathtub. The second item on my "dream home" list was in-suite laundry. Unfortunately that one didn't make the cut when they found the amazing condo we are now in, but there are machines downstairs, and (very excitingly) we have a dishwasher! OoOo! After adding up all the hours I've spent hand washing dishes and how often I decide not to cook based on the fact that I would have to clean up afterwards, perhaps a dishwasher will be life changing. I'm sure I will still spend a bit of time at the sink, and just in case, I'd love to make this potholder rug to make it that much more pleasant:

I love the mash of fun colours and how simple yet effective this project is! Craftzine - you've done it again! Looks like I'll have to add potholders to my "to thrift shop for" list and hopefully be making one of these soon! In the meantime I will keep swooning over the joys of a dishwasher! What's your verdict? What is more important to you - a dishwasher or your own washer and dryer?


  1. I would definately take dishwasher for the win, as long as there is laundry in the building! I hope your move went well! Give me a shout if you journey over to the mainland sometime.

  2. Hi!

    I prefer a washer since i dont live in a building:p for a long period of tiem we didnt have a washing machine...i love to have one now(:

    Love the colors on the puholder rug(:

    Carmila Ponycat

  3. At this point I have neither.... But a dishwasher is the main priority cuz we can easily do laundry at either of our parents houses while visiting.

  4. I have a baby. Guess which one is more important to me?

    P.S. Love the rug, but I think it would look better on a floor with less of a pattern so it would really pop.

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