Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nyan Machine

In case you didn't already clue in from these posts (link 1 and link 2), I love Nyan Cat. He's pixelated, adorable, and shoots rainbows from his butt to an annoyingly catchy and repetitious song. Now you can take your Nyan love a stage further and make print out and make your own nyan cat paper machine thanks to ddi7i4d on deviantart! It would make the perfect desk companion:

I'm pretty sure making this would lead to many minutes of me annoying Fraser and Jim by moving my little paper cat and singing the nyan cat song. Poor boys. Good thing I'm a little to busy with crafts to pick this project up at the moment. How about you? Are you a Nyan fan?


  1. So totally a fan - though maybe not as big a fan as that guy we saw wearing a nyan cat shirt yesterday!

  2. Fun japanese fact: kids in japan learn that cats say 'nyan' instead of 'meow.' Similarly, dogs say 'wan wan' instead of 'bark' or 'woof.'