Thursday, August 18, 2011

Knitting vs. Crochet - a yarn battle in kitty pocket mirror form

Have you been enjoying the week of yarn themed illustrations I've been sharing? We started off with some anthropomorphic yarn balls, followed by my fav wool producing animals, and then some playful yarn loving kitties! Today's reveal is a little bit different since these drawings are my first ever straight to pocket mirror designs. I really wanted to make a few more detailed kitties that didn't have to go with a badge set, so I figured mirrors was the next best thing! Plus pocket mirrors are ultra handy to carry around for all your self-viewing needs! Hurrah! I made two yarn and cat illustrations to sit on either side of the knitting verses crochet never ending battle! Okay, so in actuality crafters are usually peace loving women who don't actually hold any violent thoughts about other forms of wool crafts, but I prefer to exaggerate the divide a smidge... so let's get on with the reveal!

For all those knitters out we have the ultra talented orange kitty:

Not into needles? Maybe you hook (and M.C. Hammer) lovers will get a kick out of this design instead:

Hehe! I saw this saying on Pinterest a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to turn it into my own kitty themed version! I'm sure M.C Hammer has always dreamed of seeing himself in cat form ever since he sang "Too legit to quit", but maybe that's just me. Doesn't everyone dream about themselves in feline form? What do you think of the designs?


  1. I wonder how many old ladies will get the reference. They will ask their daughters and then the You Tubing will begin! Love them both. see you tonight.

  2. Hola!(:

    I relly like them both! I love all your cute illustration, Im a crocheter ( is that the right word?) myself but i just love the dead fishy! plus i used to knit first so...i could definitly have both mirrors:p

    Anyway...hope you re having an awesome day full of nyan cat and banana ice cream!

    Carmila Ponycat

  3. I know who M.C. Hammer is so does that mean I am not an old lady? What age does old start at? Or does being a Grandma make me an old lady because if it does I am all for being an old lady! Kate's Mom
    P.S. Your new pocket mirror images are great.

  4. I love the M.C. Meower (I just named him that)!

  5. Love them both! As for crafters not being violent, you must not have included me in that generalization. I definitely have urges to kill/maim - especially when I buy a pattern and can't understand part of it. I don't harbour any hatred towards people who prefer to crochet or knit. I like both. Those cross-stitchers though... grrrr! (Hehe - just kidding!)

  6. I knit so I love the first one, but they're both so cute! :)

  7. SO SO SO CUTE! I love the knitting one because I'm a knitter but the crochet one screams to my geeky heart! love them! You are so awesome!

  8. I am loving the cat knitting with a fish design (of course he loves fish!) but am not as keen on the Hammer Cat. =)

    I love your blog by the way! Found you through Erin's site when she mentioned you. I'm a fellow BCer!