Sunday, August 14, 2011

Artisan's Market - vol IV

Yesterday was my fourth round at the Artisan's Square Market and boy was it ever a gorgeous day! I woke up to a beautiful cloud free sky and no crazy wind to battle! Hooray! The morning set up was especially speedy with all the practice I've had this year and Fraser (as always) was a wonderful help. I was back on the warm side of the square (it doesn't matter that it got to 32 C, I am always cold) which was another bonus. Check out this week's display:

Hurray! I've been busy this week working on my yarn themed illustrations so no new goods for the table, but good news on the consignment front! Funktional (a super awesome shop in downtown Kelowna) contacted me about getting even more cabochon studs! I figure I'll send them my left over stock once I'm done with my final market next week, making that my third re-stock for the earrings. Woo hoo! I love getting mystery cheques in the mail after a month of sales in stores. It is just wonderful! Oh, and while we're on the consignment end of things - have you checked out my shop tab on my blog? I added it in with the redesign and included lists of upcoming craft shows I'm doing and stores I sell in! Yay! Much easier to find me (either online, in person, or in a shop)!

As for the market, the sales were pretty good (not my best week for money making, but still worthwhile) and I got the pleasure of some lovely visits from some friends and family (thanks Quinn and Sarra)! Plus the whole lack of wind blowing over all my products thing makes the morning market all that much more enjoyable! I went back to the top of the clean laundry pile for today's outfit (all Joe fresh and insanely inexpensive) and sported some of my light blue rose earrings. You can't actually see them in any pictures I have from the morning, but my hair growing experiment seems to be going well - look how long it's getting:

I haven't had it cut all summer and it has grown at least 2 inches (my last cut had it shorter than chin length). I did make one hair appointment for some massive thinning about 6 weeks ago and trust me, that was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made! It has made growing out my thick mop much more pleasurable (and not super annoying where I give up and get it all chopped off). I'm hoping my progression into longer tresses works well with my upcoming move to the coast so my naturally wavy/curly/wild tresses can be set free a humid climate! It also gives me the wonderful excuse to pay extra close attention to all the cute hairstyle up-do tutorials on pinterest! Yay! Any tips for long thick hair styles I need to try?

I've also been paying extra special attention to gardens these days in preparation for my (hopefully fantastic) balcony garden I'm planning! Since our current rental turned out to be a weed nightmare I'm hoping the fresh start (and smaller size) of our new balcony pots will be a great change to start anew! Plus the humid mild joys of living in a coastal city will be like a whole new adventure in plants! One day I hope to develop a green thumb like the gardeners at Ghalardi Square - I mean look at the lushness behind my tent:

What a joy! I did get random orange pollen stains all over the back of my shirt and arm when I was taking the tent down with my dad (Fraser had plans for the day so my good ol' parents came to lend a hand). Any tips on pollen removal? I've scrubbed and scrubbed my arm but it appears to have stained my ultra pale skin. How odd - I didn't know flowers could do that! Note to future gardening Kate - stay clear of tiger lilies, especially while wearing white.

My final perk from the day was a nice little visit from my sis and baby Jean before they depart back to the bug infested north (see Leslie - one more reason to move closer to me). Jean is still adorable as ever and has discovered the joys of playing (i.e. smashing and flailing) on my ipad:

Looks like I've got one technology loving niece on my hands! Coincidentally I also now have an ipad covered in gooey mum mum cookie smears. I wonder how that happened?

All in all, even though the sales end of things was a little dismal this week I ended up having a wonderful time and got to enjoy another wonderful summer day! I'm hoping the nice weather sticks around for at least one more week so I can make it through my next (and last) market next week and then I'm packing my life away and off to Victoria! Eep! So much to do! What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. Boy, I had a hard time signing in today!! What was I thinking? I typed in my name with two mistakes in it! I spent some time trying to bet the right password and that was not the problem. Oh well, live and learn.

  2. This weekend I schlepped my super cute baby downtown to check out the farmer's market and artisan square, but her normal one-hour nap morphed into a two-hour snooze-fest and I barely made it before the market closed! At least she got to plan Smurfs on your ipad :) Can't believe you're moving so soon! I'd be in total panic mode. In fact, I'm almost in total panic mode already, and I'm not moving until mid-September at the earliest! Eeek! How am I going to pack and move with a baby!?!? Maybe you'll find some great How-To Tutorials about easy packing techniques and post them on yer blog!

  3. Sounds like an awesome day! That yellow background on your 'etsy shop' still bothers my eyes. What is that blob of yellow for?