Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Find: The Pills

Today's find "The Pills" is quite possibly the cutest crocheted pill shaped thing to ever come out of Montreal. Just check out the adorableness of this cactus amigurimi pill:

Not sure if it my love for wide set eye smiles or cacti that made me fall for this guy but
isn't he cute? That little flower and those spikes are just perfect! Plants not your thing? How about pill shaped Mr. T, cupcake, or hamburgers then:

Hehe - yup. Super awesome. Which one is your fav?


  1. The little Mr. T is so great! So, so, so cute!

  2. Cactus!!! So not baby friendly, but I want to make one and keep it on a high shelf.

  3. I like the cupcake. I don't know why. All logic says I SHOULD like the Mr. T one more... but nope! Cupcake!

  4. I agree with Leslie - I like the cactus.