Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pouf Sunday

I saw this amazing chevron ottoman pouf on etsy last night and fell in love:

Not only does it rock the zig zag chevron stripe trend in a lovely neutral gray and white, but it also allows for comfortable lounging as a foot stool! If you haven't had the pleasure of sitting with your feet on an ottoman you had better get one - it is amazing! Although I usually sit on the chaise end of our couch for leg support, I do own a crafty upcycled footstool my mom and I made by upholstering and stuffing an overturned milk crate with denim (which, by the way looks great...and I should have taken a picture of for this post). Anyways, I got to thinking about how much I love homemade ottomans and thought I'd do a pinterest roundup of some of my favourite poufs! Let's go:

Pouf #1 - Knitted and orange! I love the textures, simplicity, and pop of bright color! Too bad I am not a master knitter...

Pouf #2 - Floral and sewn (and has a cat)! Similar to the chevron pouf I spotted above but with a completely differenet feel thanks to the change of fabric. I don't think the pattern would be that hard to make up and possibilities for colours and patterns is endless! Plus it has a cat! What's not to love?

Pouf #3
- Pom poms! Although substantially more difficult to clean this one combines the foot stool with one of my favourite crafts - the pom pom! Although I'm sure these ones are made from felt I think yarn poms would be an amazing addition to my living space. Just think of the texture! My legs/feet would be on brightly coloured bits of heaven each time I sat down! Oh my!

and Pouf #4 - Crocheted foot stool cover (with a bunny)! Not really a "pouf" so much as an ottoman with a granny square crocheted slip cover, but hey, they are all in the same family right? I love the pop of colour (again) with this one and how you could change it up to match your decor. I also really like the idea of skipping the ridiculous amount of stuffing you'd have to get for any of the above projects and instead just buy an old stool to recover! Hurrah for a more inexpensive project and an excuse to go thrift shopping! Plus it has a bunny! Eee!

So what do you think? Which is your favourite? Are you a foot stool user? Ever made a pouf?


  1. i LOVE the one with the little bunny! <3 I´ve always wanted to crochet something like this, maybe one day I will... And then i´ll go buy a bunny :p

    happy day(:

    Carmila Ponycat

  2. I liked the first one best. I also love the bunny!

  3. Dude, you totally could knit that pouf. I'll bet it's easier than the bow that you tried to learn knitting with.