Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what i wore: elliott brood

So in case you hadn't already noticed - I am ridiculously bad at blogging about outfit posts right after I wear them. I'm new to the realm of fashion blogging and although I have a whole closet (that is still not fully unpacked) of budget finds and fabulous accessories I struggle with actually remembering to take pictures of myself and usually have to bribe someone into trying to catch a shot of my with my eyes open. Perhaps that will be a bit easier with my new tripod my parents got me for my bday (thanks Mom and Dad!), but we'll see if I will get any faster at showing you my outfits. I often wonder how daily (or at least bi weekly) bloggers manage to keep up with all their images and I do wonder if they preschedule posts and just lie about when they wore them...any insight? As for me, I'm not someone who is very good at smudging the truth so I fully admit that this outfit is from the beginning of August. Let's go:

Ever since I first saw Elliott Brood perform at the Roots and Blues Festival three summers ago I've been anxiously awaiting an opportunity to see them again! Not only do they play a wicked banjo, they have this raspy upbeat sound that has been described as both "death country" and "black grass." Sound interesting? I think so. I fully recommend listening to all of their amazing songs (for free! On CBC Radio 3!) and getting addicted to them too! I was certainly stoked when I heard they were coming to Kamloops in August so I wrestled up some friends (conveniently Jim, Lindsay, and Wendy were free and all attended that same roots and blues festival where they played)! Yay! Also the perfect opportunity for me to wear my new lacy shirt:

So that isn't the most flattering picture I've ever seen, but I did have fun playing around the old trains by the park. I also thought this was a noteworthy outfit since:

1) When I saw this shirt in the store, Jim told me it was hideous and that I shouldn't bother trying it on

2) After trying it on, loving it, and then buying it (for full price - which rarely ever happens for me), Fraser told me that, "that isn't a Kate shirt!" Aren't I allowed to branch out a bit?

3) Both Jim and Fraser told me I couldn't wear red shoes and a purple bag together in the same outfit. Too bad boy-os. I like to break the rules.

I also really enjoy the selection of random bangles I mixed up to go with the outfit. I love stacking bracelets. I need to wear them more often.

Even though this is (again) not the most fabulous picture, I was so in love with the dusk lighting that I had to show you how crazy my hair colour looked that night:

I'm not sure why, but I always imagine myself as a brunette and when I see images or reflections of myself I am often shocked at how light and red my natural hair colour is. No complaints though! I do enjoy my atypical thick tresses!

Outfit details: lace black tank = smart set, grey jersey skirt = plum (sale rack many years ago), flower studs = made by me, purple clutch = h&m, stacking bracelets = collected over the last nine years, red flats = aldo

Even though the opening band left much to be desired, Elliott Brood was just as lovely as they were a few years ago and surely enough I was hand clapping and dancing along with the crowd! I am so excited for their new album to come out next month and if you ever get a chance to see them - take it, it is well worth it.


  1. I like all of your colorful accessories! Silly boys indeed :)

  2. Are you going to be doing lots of "what I wore" posts? I'm not a fan... I do love your accessories though! Maybe you should do a post on all of your new clutches!

  3. Hi!

    I really like that shirt! love the black lace<3
    I do not wear red, but for some reason i LOVE red shoes, I think it has to do with a dorothy thing...i dont know:p

    Hope youre having a nice week(:

    P.S. Love the color of your hair <3

    Carmila Ponycat

  4. I was there! I'm looking forward to seeing how your style changes with your new city. My mom has always said that your style reflects the city in which you live. Bring on the outfit posts!
    (and then when you say "that time I popped over to Fan Tan, I had my adorbs[you WOULD say that] new [insert item of clothing].) I will know what you are talking about.