Saturday, August 27, 2011

what i wore: goodbye kamloops

Today is the big day! Fraser and I were up at the crack of dawn packing up the moving van for our departure to Victoria! I can't believe how much time flies and I'm also still in shock at how much stuff we have when you see it all in boxes! Whew! Even though I'm sure my outfit is not very cute or flattering today, I am a bit behind with my blog content so I thought I'd share another outfit post from my going away party I had last week! Let's take a peek:

Outfit details: dress = homemade by me and my mom, grey cardigan/shrug = smart set (many years ago), teal necklace = spank on 4th, red clutch = plum (on sale!), brown flats = aldo

Boy do I ever like that colour combination! I also really enjoyed having a going away celebration where I wasn't actually required to cook or clean up anything! Hooray! And what a glorious day it was! I love sunset lighting:

I also brought a little surprise along for all 22 of my dinner guests:

Yay! Instead of heartfelt goodbye notes for everyone I went for the substantially less sappy route and looked to the bright side of moving - new pen pals to write to! I whipped up a bunch of pins for my (hopefully excited to write and receive letters friends) with my new address attached:

What fun! I figured it left things on a much cheerier (and more anthropomorphic and adorable) note and everyone could pick out their own pin to suit their tastes! I even had a few badges left over from my summer long "thanks for being a reader" giveaway so it wasn't an enormous amount of "I should be packing" time put into it! Which reminds me - our final winner of my giveaway was Carmila from Ponycats! Your pin is in the mail! And thank you once again to everyone who spending their previous time checking out my blog. I appreciate all the support and love and according to google analytics there is about 100 of you that read every day! Hooray! As for me...I've got more moving to get to! Hope you enjoyed the outfit! Wish me luck on the coast!


  1. I promise to be a good pen pal! We'll miss you at work for sure! Oh and that outfit was delightful.

  2. Good luck! I don't usually like "what I wore" blog posts, but the pins and cards make up for it. Such a great idea! Oh, and does the crack of dawn mean, like, 10? Tee hee!

  3. Hi!

    I really like your outfit! pretty pretty dress(:

    I cant wait to get my pin!! im so happy! XD

    Hope you re having a lovely weekend(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  4. What have I been doing lately? I am on the third posting I have not seen!!
    I can hardly wait to come visit you. Mom