Monday, April 12, 2010

300th Sale Giveaway Winners!

What a wonderful success my giveaway turned out to be with 119 comments, 22 new blog followers, and a boat load of twitter and facebook fans! Hooray! Now onto the winners (thanks to the fantastic randomness of

Drumroll please...

Congrats to kate stumpter (comment 94) , aj (comment 28), and lindsay (comment 26)! Please give me a shout and tell me your addresses so I can mail away your awesome winnings! Thanks again to everyone for your kind words and entries! And if I manage to stumble into excessive funds in the near future I'll be sure to spread it around (in the form of wide set eye smile buttons)! Yay!


  1. Go me! Can't wait for my button set as I think any of your buttons will pair PERFECTLY with Matthew Barber and Dress up Jacqui Wednesday!

  2. Congratulations to the winners! Mom

  3. Hmm. Randomness is not on my side. But maybe chaos theory is! You should make a set of baby buttons -- you know, like how there were the normal muppets and then the muppet babies (those much cuter and pudgier versions)! So we could have love robot babies mustache cat babies, labware babies, etc! Think of the wide-eyed cuteness!!!

    And then, of course, you'd give free samples to the person who helped you come up with the idea...