Saturday, April 17, 2010

Clean Sheets!

When I got my spout of extreme illness a few weeks ago, my poor compromised immune system was working overtime! In its elevated weakness, opportunistic pathogens dominated my skin's defenses and I got the glorious pleasure of contracting impetigo. Gross. Reflecting back on the infection has reminded me of one fantastic thing - clean sheets are the best thing ever!

Mmm. Nothing beats crawling into crisply laundered linens (especially with fresh jammies) and having a highly contagious skin infection means I had to have clean sheets every night! Now that I'm back to semi-perfect health I'm really missing that fresh sheet luxury! It was so nice! But when it comes down to it, I'm much too lazy wash my bed linens every day to get that feeling back...and it would be so bad for the environment! But even was nice...

All this clean sheet discussion makes me wonder:

- How often do you change your sheets?
- How many different sets of sheets do you own/use?
- Do you make your bed every morning?
- Can you think of a bigger daily luxury? (Uhh...within reason...)

In other news - my rain button set got featured on sand fiber's blog! Yay! (link!)


  1. Don't you think that's a bit too personal? Or a LOT too personal? Sheesh. No one wants to admit they haven't washed their sheets since Christmas or whatever gross schedule they stick by.

    I tend to wash mine once a week (or Neal does anyway), and we only have two sets of sheets. I do like fresh sheets, but I don't like the idea of wasting all that water and energy.

  2. Fresh sheets and freshly shaven legs = the best feeling ever! Getting into a fresh bed with a book and a cup of tea = HEAVEN!

  3. Sheets cycle with the seasons! I have two sets of flannels for the winter, and two sets (one sateen, one plain cotton) for the summer.

    And in winter we don't need to change them more than once a month, usually, but in summer it's every week, because sweaty eeeeeewwww.

    I think people who change their sheets every day for non-medical reasons are pretty gross, myself- so wasteful!

    Glad you're feeling better, skin infections are wretched! And so unfair, when you've done so much good PR for the little buggies!

  4. Clean sheets are the best! The only luxury I can think of that is better would be warm pajamas - right out of the dryer. Comfee!

    Change my sheets every other laundry load. Do a load of laundry once a week. So, I guess every other week? So, I guess I feel guilty, now. :)

  5. Really? once a week? I am ashamed...I change mine about once a month. I shower before I sleep though so I feel that I am not dragging in all the dirt from the outside world onto my bed :)

  6. OOO lovely bedding! =)

    I changed my once a week...I love climbing into nice, clean sheets =)

    PS.Lovely blog...I'm glad I stumbled onto it!