Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Find: Me!

So its 2am the night (well morning) before I head to kelowna for my very first craft show and as predicted I am frantically putting together all the details! Good thing I have a huge amount of lists to keep me organized! Unfortunately, I also realized that I failed to prepare a "friday find" post for you loyal followers - so instead you can find me! At the streaming cafe craft sale saturday from 10-4! (596 Leon) I promise to be more put together by then - look at the state of things right now:

Okay - not terrible...but slightly less than the perfection I was hoping for. Tea cozies got the boot after power outage after power outage foiling my crafty plans and I still have to hammer on some snaps for the coffee sleeves. I hammered on four moments ago until I realized how ridiculously loud hammering is this early in the morning... but I'm hoping I will manage to fit them in after I get some much needed sleep! I also need to stop by the bank and get some change for my float, pick up the labels from the laminaters (aka dad), and pack my overnight bag for my wonderful stay with lindsay! Wish me luck!

ps. I wrote another blog post to go up for today before realizing how I neglected to do my regularly friday scheduled one - so win for you! Double post friday yet again!


  1. You have been busy! Good Luck on your first craft show!!! Mom

  2. Haha! Did you realise that it was loud, or did the parentals upstairs "realise" it for you?

    punctuation tips:

    "it's" means it is. (opening sentence)

    "laminator's" would be from the place where Dad does the laminating. Right, like you're not getting them from multiple machines, but from the place belonging to one person...

    Good luck!!!