Sunday, April 25, 2010

Percy the Cat: An outsider's perspective on a devilish personality

Due to my overwhelming stressed-out-ness from frantically preparing for my upcoming craft show, I've taken the day off from blogging and you get the special treat of a guest post written by fraser! Enjoy!

Greeting Kate lovers!!! My wonderful girlfriend has given me this opportunity to share my thoughts on this most sophisticated house pet. Some of you may have experienced his charming social skills first hand, others may only know him by reputation. Whatever the case, Percy is my most favorite cat in the world, which is saying something as I am allergic to him!!!

First things first. If you are ever going to enjoy an social outing with this feline make sure that you bring lots of Whiskas Temptation brand cat treats. In fact, I just used some of these to lure Percy away from his favorite activity of clawing at my arms while typing this blog post. At least that part of him is predictable. So if you don't have cat treats, I wouldn't bother trying to get on his good side. Second, I would say that Percy takes a long time to warm up to a person. I've known Percy for over 2 years and I still can't make sudden moves towards him. I'm hoping that sometime during 2010 I'm going to be able to give him a nice pat without him hissing at me.

Now after reading this, you might be thinking "How could Percy be your favorite cat in the world Fraser?". The answer is that Percy has individuality. He really is an interesting fellow. I've known lots of cats who do cat things, but I've never met one who not only has to have water drip from the tap at a specific speed, but also needs to drink it by letting it soak into his paws and lick it off. The other thing about him that is great is that he is never predictable (except for treats, see above). Percy most definitely keeps me on my toes around Kate's house. Whether he is blending in with the hardwood floor (conveniently colored for his camouflaged comfort) or hiding on top of the cupboards in a dark kitchen waiting to leap upon me, Percy makes life with a high heart rate easy to find.

And now, I will say goodbye, before a certain cat realizes he is being written about and decides to make some editing decisions.


  1. I think he has an inborn "McCurrach-sensor" and only tolerates people with the proper DNA.(Or maybe all the clawing is so he can get an adequate blood sample with which to perform the DNA test.) He doesn't bother me much, but he doesn't see me all that often either. Granted, he did chase me down the hallway on his hind legs, front claws splayed, once (hissing, natch.).

    Oh Percy, if only they'd named you Ron instead. Then you wouldn't be a backstabbing traitor to the Weasley, err, McCurrach name.

  2. What can I say, I am pretty sure Percy loves me as he sits on my lap almost every day now but still tunes me up with a bite now and then! We can't get rid of him as there would only be one fate for him. The gas chamber. And after we rescued him from the SPCA how could I do that. Mom