Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vinyl DIYs

Threadbanger just might be my new favourite website for crafty inspiration! I don't know why it took me so long to stumble across it! They've got a weeky roundup of DIY projects that are ridiculously inspiring! I need a good three months off and some disposable income so I can attempt every single one! I am particularly drawn to the crafty projects made from old vinyl records. Here are a few I'm tempted to try out:

I'm sure all of the projects they have in the vinyl diy roundup would all be super fun to try out but the pictures of these ones were most appealing. Check out that mail organizer! Post and thrifty crafting? How could you go wrong? Which ones are your favs?


  1. I've seen the bowl before -- and I even saw someone do it as a lampshade. I like the clock, but not where it's hung, and all of these things look so cool, but wouldn't work in my little townhouse with no mantle and basically no space for neat decorating. Sigh.

  2. GaaaH! The pain, the pain! Melting vinyls!? Oh, it burns, it burns it does!

    (Still, they look really cool. I guess it's okay if you're burning, like, old ABBA records or something).

  3. Warning keep away from your Dad's and my old records there are hours and hours of good memories tied up in them. Oh, they are under the stairs and no one sane would venture there. Mom