Friday, April 16, 2010

Multiple Post Friday!

Yup - once again it looks like I have so much to spill I need to do multiple posts! I guess that is the thrill of being so wonderfully blog post scheduled in advance - plus I'm sure no one minds my extra musings after my friday find thing right? (And if you do mind - then why are you reading this!?)

Here we go:
1) Hooray! Thumbs up yeti made it into a treasury east!

How lovely! 42 Things was nice enough to include me in her "wild, warm, and whimsy in the north" collection from loads of fellow Canadians! Check it out live for some comment and clicking love! I didn't even know "treasury east" existed! Or it's crazy more horizontal format! Neat! But I'm not sure how long it will be sticking better click on that link quickly if you'd like to catch a glimpse...

**OoO! Update! It's true! Treasury east is new! I snagged a spot in a super quirky mad scientists of etsy feature too - take a look:

Double hooray! Can you spot my darling little wide set eye smile influence? Don't forget to comment and click it up!

2) Misobel's blog post of her order!

I find it amazingly flattering that a customer (especially such a great blog following/facebook fan/twitter friend like Mary) took the time to document the arrival/appreciate of her goods! I think the mustache kitties look awesome in her photograph and I'm glad to see the tea pot mini moo is enjoyed as well! Yay!

3) My current to do list:

As a listing fiend I am feeling slightly overwhelmed with the amount of items I've decided to take on. Here is my documented goals for the day:

- photograph some sweet mail arrivals for future posts
- write a few more blog posts about the exciting things happening in my life! (to be scheduled into the next few weeks or so)
- chose an amazing outfit for the art show I'm going to tonight (any suggestions?)
- attempt some belated pen palery
- finally get around to those blog featured interviews I've been procrastinating!

Five things doesn't seem too unrealistic - here's hoping I can successfully manage the truncated list! What are your plans for the rest of the day?

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  1. I am going shopping! Big surprise there! I even have to get things for you! Hopefully it will warm your icy feet. Mom