Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Find: Postcarden

As you all know (or should know by now), I am a huge fan of post! I'm also quite fond of the wonders of botany and no better way to fuse the two than with a mailable mini living garden from Postcarden! There are three different cards to chose from but the botanical theme is my fav:

How super cool! You'll be celebrating this mail for weeks of interactive enjoyment and all you need is some water and a sunny spot on the counter (which most people have...unless your dad is redoing your kitchen for the last 1.5 months)! If I haven't sold you on how great this is check out some stop motion wonderment:

Is this a casual enough hint for any of my pen pals looking to spice up their next note to me? No? Well it should go buy this for me! Haha....ha....or not?


  1. That post card garden is really cute. My problem is a certain cat named Percy would LOVE it and eat it! Mmmmmm, I must plant some cat grass for him. Mom

  2. Peer pressure, I feel pressure....

  3. I think it is a better idea in theory than how it actually looks.