Friday, April 23, 2010

Welcome back Pseudomonas!

Looks like double blog post Fridays are all the rage so I better keep up with the trend! I'd like to welcome back a nice culture of anthropomorphic pseudomonas aeruginosa to my shop after a brief period of being sold out. Check out these adorable little dudes:

I am so pleased how all their little wide set eye smiles turned out! I even redid the photos of them in my shop so customers can get the freshest most accurate image of the product! So cute! And bonus - one more item crossed off of my "craft show to do make" list! I do have my doubts that P. aeruginosa will really be a huge seller at the craft sale, but you never know, his more popular buddies anthrax, chlamyida, and e.coli will be there to accompany him and might tweak some sciencey interest! Or just someone who likes miny green coloured jelly bean smile plush? Sure...that works too...


  1. They're so freakin' cute! As a microbiology major, I'm thinking I may need to own these! :)

  2. It looks like an epidemic! But a cute one. Mom

  3. Are you going to give my baby little bacteria to chew upon? How about a bacteriophage? Hehehe!