Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shine a light on my home

A few months ago I got the wonderful pleasure of visiting my dear friend lindsay and attending the most wondrous adrian glynn/aidan knight/dan managan gig! I had high hopes on purchasing an aidan knight album at that show (since I missed out last september at rifflandia because I was too busy rushing off to see mother mother) but unfortunately he was sold out! Rats! His new album (versicolour) hadn't been released yet so my hopes and dreams of physically owning/supporting the awkwardly fantastic musician had been crushed...temporarily. He assured me I would be able to get his album soon and if I bought the LP I could get the mp3 files free of charge (cool right?) plus he plans on coming to play in kamloops in may (which I totally can't wait for by the way...even if I can't find evidence of this show existing).

Well - two months have passed and I still haven't figured out how to get a copy of his album (that isn't on itunes, I feel physical copies are required for this one), so I decided to google him the other day and came across the most awesome discovery! If you sign up for his mailing list he'll send you two songs from versicolour for free! How unbelievably cool! I've been listening to "jasper" on repeat for the last few days now (obsessive much? I know) and hope it can tide me over until I can get my hands on his cds in may. I've also been enjoying the stop motion cereal quirky video from his website:

Yup. Pretty awesome. I also feel like the hugest creep by following him on twitter... which fraser reassured me is the whole reason they have twitter in the first place...but then I followed neil mangan (dan's brother/marketer extraordinaire) and felt like an even bigger creep...not that it stopped me...and at least I'm openly admitting to it...

Anyways, since I'm apparently all about rambling on about creepiness in this post I thought I'd show you all how much I think aidan knight is secretly heather ramsay's musical twin brother:

Perhaps not the most convincing picture but I'm sure you can see the similarities (sorry to steal a picture of you off facebook heather I figured following you around with a camera until you held a bowl of cereal might be a little much). They even have similar mannerisms and hilarious stage presence! I think my life will be officially complete once they meet and realize how separated at birth they both are...until then I think I'll go back to listening to jasper for a few more hours...


  1. Neato! You know what else is weird? I have a friend Heather Ramsay too, who lives on Haida Gwaii! OOoooOOOOooooh!

  2. I think we should do some mail order DNA testing. Now to get cheek swabs from Aidan and Heather. Now that's being a huge creep. :)


  3. Mine should be in next week! Hooray for my CD dealer, Trevor.
    If you love jasper, you need to check out the video link of Dan and Aidan singing it on the side of the road. There is a tamberine, snow sequence, and an extra raspy Dan Mangan!

  4. In retrospect, I think this Aidan Knight guy looks a lot like my friend Shaughnessy's little brother Darren. Seriously. I'll see if I can find a picture somewhere.