Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project: Craft Show!

If I haven't previous expressed how fantastically awesome lindsay is - this is sure to convince you. She has single-handedly become both my biggest fan and my fantastic PR girl and is a constant source of motivation (even though she lives 2 hours away)! She has swindled me into doing my very first craft show (which, along with banjo-ness, is my 2010 goal) by sending me an emailing telling me that, "this has you written ALL over it":

Ahaha - oh lindsay. Who could resist with such an entertaining email? So I've signed up and have been spending the last week attempting to organize the crap out of this endeavor! Long nights of to do lists, craft show research (online, in person, and in print), and slave labor have left me somewhat (but really not at all) prepared. Let me break it down for you (and no, not in a sweet rap way more like a "bunch of lists" way)...

What I've figured out so far:

- Where I'm staying and how I'm getting there (since the show is in Kelowna - hint hint to anyone in close proximity)
- What I need to bring, and what the show is going to provide
- When they'll be open for me to set up
- That I pretty much have to craft as much as humanly possible (using tiered price points, catchy staging, and a variety of kelowna cafe friendly items) to prepare for the show!!! Eek!

The crafty goods I plan to sell:

- pinback buttons/magnet sets (cute, affordable, I have loads of them)
- post/art cards (stressfully scheduled to arrive the week before the show - come on canada post!)
- my mini moo bookmark/gift tags (leslie suggested this one as a super inexpensive impulse buy. I can hang into a nice display and give them out with sales too!)
- plush microbes (colourful, 3D, and almost finished - just need to stuff and seal the last of the pseudomonas)
- quilted rings (fun, stylish, and thankfully completed - now to con dad into making a stand for them)
- felt flower brooches (charming, fashionable, but time consuming. Luckily I've got them all cut out and ready for a few hours of embroidering! I might break down and whip out the glue gun for this one)
- coffee sleeves! (perfect for the occasion, and hot sellers. I have all the supplies and am hoping 2 weeks is ample time to whip them up. Also hoping I can swindle pro-seamstress mom into helping me with these too *eye lash flutter*)
- tea cozy (attempt at a higher price point item, thinking of doing a love robot one and a tea set one...still open to suggestions for a third design)
- veggie totes (already have the prototype and pattern for these babies but will only make them if I am oozing with time)

And finally - what is still left to be done:

- figuring out a table cloth/sign/prices sign(s) option
- making a nice chart to track sales of items
- whipping up a snazzy cash holding mini apron (mom to the rescue!!!)
- craft show promotion (letting my wonderful fans, friends, and family know what the heck I'm doing - although this blog post is a good start...)
- pick out what outfit to wear (you laugh, but this is serious business!)
- getting a few pro star storage bins to tote my wares to the show in and keep me organized
- figure out how I'll package up items (I've got some nice recycled brown bags to use but am really hoping fraser will help me make a stamp to customize them with *hint hint*)
- planning and staging my display (with multi-levels, loads of eye catching interest, and looking full and friendly without being overstocked)
- hours of crafting (obviously...)

Whew! Is that all? What have I got myself into!? I figure if it ends up being an epic disaster it is all experience regardless and it is only a one day show so I don't need to fret about running out of items for a second day or anything. I'll try to keep you all posted on my fantastic progress and crafting endeavors, but chances are until I feel ahead of the game I will be a little preoccupied with preparation! I'm also dying to know if anyone out there has any tips for me? I'm eager to hear! Wish me luck!


  1. First craft shows are always crazy and you NEVER know what to expect! I did my first last summer outdoors and it was pouring rain (thank goodness my dad bought me a cheap tent... love you Dad!). Good thing you won't have to worry about the weather!

    A few things:

    MAKE SURE YOU BRING BUSINESS CARDS! Some people aren't ready to buy right away or they want to contact you for custom orders later on! If you don't have business cards, write up some sheets or print some yourself at home/local print shop!

    BRING SOMETHING YOU CAN WORK ON: It's great to say hello to all your customers, etc. but most likely there are down times and unfortunately sometimes the shows are just kind of empty. I think it's great even as a customer to walk by and see the crafter actually DRAWING or MAKING stuff right there.

    NETWORK WITH OTHER CRAFTERS: Hopefully you can find some time to walk around and talk to the other crafters! I love doing some trades or buying other work and getting to know them - you'll see them again in the future at other shows for sure!

    BRING LOTS OF CHANGE/AN ORGANIZED CASH BOX: Once you know your pricing you'll know what you need (as in, $1, $2, $5 bills...) so bring lots of change. Once you start collecting cash it gets MESSY too so it helps to have an organized cash box where you can split up the quarters from the dimes!

    I think that's all I can think of for now! Basically bring a super awesome attitude (which you have!). Even if you don't sell a lot, meeting other crafters is ALWAYS awesome. If you sell lots, all the better. :D

  2. LONGEST. POST. EVER. Your lists are cute :)

    I wish I were there to be a planted shopper -- I could gush about how awesome Scientific Culture is!