Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tackle box planter

I stumbled across this amidst my daily internet surfing and boy so I ever think this is neat! Behold - the tackle box planter:

I feel like this is the epitome of dad & mom hobbies combined into fantasticness! It would look so awesome on the porch or patio (hint hint lindsay) and would be cool as a little herb garden too! I'm extra fond of the little lours hidden in there for extra authentic detail. Even though I am sure we could all figure out how to do this without instructions, the wonderful people at craftzine provided a tutorial for your crafting ease. How upset do you think dad would be if I stole one of his tackle boxes for this project? How about if I just snafooze a few extra lours? Flies? Okay...maybe not...looks like I need to check out some garage sale/flea markets this summer. Probably a better idea...


  1. The place to go tackle box garage sale trolling is at the lake! There is often fishing gear for sale. Not up to your Dad's standards but they would be fine for planters. Mom

  2. That is pretty neat! I want to get some sort of portable herb garden started! And perhaps I'll strew some LURES (as in fake creatures with hooks to lure fishies) in there as well.

    English Teacher strikes again!

    Of course, this is coming from the person who typed into 13 report card comments, "So-and-so is not yet meeting expectations for the English". Ha! The funniest is that the Principal was scared to ask me if it was a typo because I'm the "expert"! Hee hee!

  3. I guess the person who made that doesn't have to find those bait shops on the side of the road anymore. :P

  4. The Name Surplus Herbies comes to mind...You in?