Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yeti time!

I got the wonderful pleasure of being interviewed for an article Michelle did for her blog indie smiles. The two part feature was all about yeti and bigfoot and their constant appearances on etsy! She stumbled across my thumbs up yeti button set and thought I was a perfect candidate to be included in the article! I've been meaning to blog about this for quite some time (seriously - the article was posted in march...) and I figure no time like the present! Especially since it gives me the excuse to show off my super limited edition (didn't even put it in my shop) thumbs up yeti postcard I made:

Isn't he cute! I sent him to a very special sibling of mine (in fact my only sibling!) and I certainly hope leslie is enjoying him!

As for the blog article, Michelle asked us all a few questions and the answers are both hilarious and very much give you an idea of the unique personalities of the crafters who sell on etsy.

Here are a few answers to the question, "What would you do if you ran into Bigfoot or Yeti?" (see if you can pick out my answer):

- "Hopefully shoot some non-shaky film, get some un-fake-able photos, and throw a press conference."

- “Offer him a cupcake. And then run."

- "compare shoe sizes."

- "I’d ask him to have a drink with me so we could get acquainted in a relaxed atmosphere. Then, if he was up to it, we’d go shoe shopping and he’d buy a pair of Onitsuka Tigers if they had his size (royal blue ones with white stripes and red accents). If things were still going well, we’d go out for a pasta dinner and then maybe catch a concert if someone good was playing. At the end of the night, I’d send him home with a plush Domo to keep him company in the woods and a promise to call within a week."

- "(Hope they recognize the fur-less me and) give them a big hug, catch up on all the bigfoot gossip, and tell them about my city adventures."

- "As a scientist, fact and logic always seem to override any possibility of imaginary undiscovered North American creatures so if I ran into bigfoot or yeti I’d be sure to give him a killer high five and request a small fur sample for microsatellite genetic species analysis! Interestingly enough, during my undergrad I actually performed genetic tests on hair samples collected from scientists in attempt to identify the unknown species of Sasquatch. Unfortunately the fur ended up being black bear…but it was exciting nonetheless…"

- "Give the dude some space. I’ve heard they’re pretty smelly."

Okay - it's pretty obvious. And I do like to ramble don't I? Well I certainly recommend checking out the articles (part 1 here, part 2 here) and some of the other rad bigfoot/yeti goods! What fun! Anyone not able to guess my answer?


  1. Oh, I guessed your answer... it was super obvious. NATURALLY, You would give bigfoot a cupcake. Because there is absolutely no way you'd give a super science-y answer.

    No way at all.

    Not in the slightest.


  2. OMG I adore the yeti postcard!

    I would have said offer him a cupcake and run. ^_^
    Kudos for being included in such a cool article!

  3. I haven't even received that postcard yet! Oh, the ruined surprise! Oh, the awesomeness that's probably waiting for me in the post office box!

  4. Playing with bear fur in Nelson,,,hmmm must be the genetic analyst. Mom