Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Find: Digby & Iona

I'm not exactly sure how I ended up stumbling across Digby & Iona, but I'm sure glad I did! They've got quite the collection of bold nature and vintage style pieces of jewelery sure to augment any wardrobe! I'm particularly fond of the stump ring:

It has such great detail and is available in sterling or sterling brass with or without engraving! Lovely! I also really like some of their bolder animal rings (like the fighting bears, octopus, 14 point stag, and giant hare) but they might be crossing over to a little too much for my style. Maybe not...but I bet you'd get loads of compliments (or wide eyed "what is she thinking" stares) wherever you went! What do you think?


  1. I like it! I think it's a very cute concept! I also think a lot of people won't like it but oh well! All the rings you mentioned are fabulous as well! Great find!

  2. If I had a girlfriend and if she gave me a ring like that, I would think it would be quite cool.