Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I've been a proud member of the mad scientists of etsy (msoe) team ever since I started selling on etsy back in october of 2008. It's a great group of scientists and science enthusiasts who sell their wares over etsy and I've had such a good time being part of the team. We have monthly science-related challenges and interesting science-related features and interviews on our blog too! This year we've opted to split up the team tasks and thanks to Julie D'Arcy - we now have a facebook fan page! And boy was I ever surprised and honored to be included in the profile picture! Take a look:

Isn't that awesome! My cute little lab ware buttons are officially one fourth representing the msoe on facebook! Yay! I'm excited to see how the fan page goes over and hopefully it will draw a little more attraction to the group.

The fact that my labware pins were picked also reminded me how insanely popular they have been from my new wave of pinback button designs. Seriously! I'm almost sold out already and they've barely been available a month now! The lab ware postcard set also sold out quickly. Whew! Yay! But whew! Obviously I'll make more of the buttons (in fact I have a top secret new and extra exciting plan for my pins), but I'm not certain of what to do with the postcard situation! I've had a few requests for reprints (bethany = tea, linds = veg) which is awesome but I'm not sure what else to do! Looks like list time!

Questions that come to mind include:

- Do I mass order sets so I have loads on stock? (good for craft sales too but bad for the pocket book)

- Which sets do I get reprinted (obviously tea, veg, lab ware - but what else)?

- Should I change up any of the designs? Add new ones?

- Should I remarket them as art cards over post cards? (I like the dual option - but I think ppl would be more willing to pay $8 for art than post)

ACK! Too many decisions! Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated...


  1. Could they not be art post cards?
    Maybe semi mass order the most popular of your pins, then it is only semi bad for your pocket book?

  2. I say invest in the mass order. I'd reprint lab ware cards, too. Other than that, I don't know. Tell paypal to stop being such jerks?

  3. Good for you, Kate! Your pins look great.

  4. Hurray for Kate's fan base. From Mom your number one fan!!!