Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sprout Card

I've always wanted to experiment with sewing on paper and this sweet "sew-a-sprout" tutorial is the perfect place to start! Look how darling this card is:

How wonderful! I love the simplicity and great greens they chose and the fact that the sewing lines aren't enormously difficult (so I could potentially even pull this one off!). Perhaps once I tackle a few more pressing items on that crafty to do list I'll whip this one up and send them off to a few deserving pen pals (you know who you are!....I think?).


  1. oo la la. This would be something I would fail miserably at it. By the end, the paper would be nothing but a crumpled ball. I guess there's a trick to it?

  2. I imagine I could do that craft with one hand tied behind my back. Okay maybe not but easily. Mom